August is an special month in Queensland with both the EKKA Royal Queensland Show happening in Brisbane and the Gold Coast Show with public holidays on both cities making it ideal for a getaway.

This traditional Brisbane event is held for more than 140 years attracting huge crowd’s year after year to experience the show that celebrates and mesh the rural and urban life over ten days.

Visitors and travellers from all over Australia attend the festival with many families opting for a road trip and driving to Brisbane for the full experience.

The event attendance is boosted by a local holiday which falls on the 6th day of The Royal Queensland Show and is a public holiday for people living and working within Brisbane city. It is also known as Ekka Wednesday, Ekka People’s Day, and Brisbane Show Day.

In 2020 the EKKA holiday in Brisbane is on Wednesday 14th of August, making it an ideal opportunity for a drive down to the Gold Coast.

The Blue Heron Motel is a great option either if you are driving northwards toward Brisbane and need a stopover on the Gold Coast to recharge before going full Ekka mode or if you are a Brisbane local looking to drive down to the Goldie for some quality time.

Make sure to give us a call or explore our website to find out more about our coastal charm boutique hotel and enjoy sunny seaside holidays with the simplicity of the past with all the pleasantries and comforts of the present.