There’s no doubt that life is better with tea!  Origin Tea is a family-owned Australian tea company who have established their own tea plantations in Sri Lanka, so that they can control production and deliver only the freshest and purest Tea available to the Market.

If you’re in town, why not join the Blue Heron Motel for our monthly tea tasting event led by a Gold Coast Tea Master, who shares his knowledge and the finer qualities of Origin Tea!  Remember, a good cuppa opens up a world of possibilities, so why not join us for a chai and a chat!

Not a tea fan?  How about coffee? 

With over 30 years’ experience, and having revolutionised the way we create and consume this delectable drink, Nespresso are world leaders in coffee production. Nespresso coffee is sustainably farmed and distributed delivering on great taste and greater value for society and the environment. 

We’re all aiming for a sustainable world, and the Blue Heron Motel are doing our bit in every way we can.  We’ve even joined in the sustainable revolution taking the used pods straight from your room and send them straight back to Nespresso to recycle.

For that bit of added luxury for all of our guests, the Blue Heron provide a beautiful selection of Origin Tea and Nespresso Coffee to tantalise your tastebuds, and help prepare you for a great day ahead.

But we don’t just stop there!  Each room is equipped with a toaster, cutlery and plates, microwave and a small fridge so that you can savour a piece of toast in the morning or chill a six-pack for when you arrive back at the hotel after a busy day on the Gold Coast.