Most of us dream about getting away from our regular jobs and going off to travel, but very few people have the sheer passion to do it. It’s always good to get a healthy dose of inspiration for your travel dreams and there’s no better people to turn to than the ones who took the plunge.

Here is the story of Jordan and Tia who are travelling Australia with their little dog Zenna. They made the move into their van “Stella” last year who changed their lives forever. Their plan is to travel right around Australia, as slowly as they can and take photos of their adventures along the way.

What began as an idea turned into something much bigger. They began exploring Australia in Stella and quickly fell in love with life on the road and the simplicity it offered. Small trips to their favourite spots sparked their desire to live a happier, simpler life on the road. Both Jordan and Tia are passionate for nature and anything artistic, which is why this life is for them.

Their story began five years ago when Tia was solo-traveling Australia, she left Canada when she was just 18 to explore the world. They met on Couchsurfing and started doing road trips around Western Australia together. They would go to all the best local spots. Almost every weekend they would sleep in sand dunes or go to music festivals together. This led them to fall in love and inspired them to buy Stella – the van of their dreams.

As for now they are full time creators, they make their income while travelling on the road. Their upcoming journey will take them to Cairns where they will spend the winter months taking in the sunshine. You can follow their journey too on Facebook: 75 Vibes or Instagram: @75vibes_